Logo & Website Designing


Logo and Website Designing


Our designers are all graphical geniuses. However, they need full details of your requirements in order to craft something that fulfills your expectations. Rather than design for employment, we have nurtured a team that designs websites for enjoyment.


Our design process is extremely hands-on and it is as shown below:

  • Consultation – This is the initial step needed to determine what your requirements are. In short, the consultation process, whether it is done via phone, email or in person, provides us an insight of what your business objectives are. You will also provide details about your competitors, organizational branding as well as visual preferences of your website.

  • Web architecture – This is where content organization is defined. This helps the team get an initial picture of the website’s design and the first build.

  • Wireframing – This involves development of black and white wireframes that are used to show where the content will actually be placed.

  • Web design – You will be assigned one of our finest web designers to work on your task. The assigned professional will take care of the consultations, analyze the given information, as well as deal with web architecture and wireframes. The same person will go ahead and develop a web concept that will meet all your requirements as well as users’ expectations.

  • Responsive web design – In today’s mobile world, having a responsive website is not an option anymore. Designers and developers at Dotwin Web Services will ensure that your website will be visible to the huge audience available on mobile devices.


Coupled with highly engaging website content, our visual design is perfectly crafted around your strategy and desired objectives. We will keep monitoring your growth while at the same time implementing unique techniques aimed at bettering your online visibility thereby maximizing your online traffic.


At Dotwin, we will also take care of your branding needs. We offer cost-effective solutions that ensure your brand name has a voice in the highly competitive online market. Our team blends creativity and technology to bring out the best, highly interactive and engaging brand content that delivers high ROI for our clients.

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